Some details about my work

My dolls are in polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpey Living Doll or Prosculpt). They are "one-of-a-kind" : there is no mold. Each creation is an original. Details on the face and the limbs are painted with acrylic after cooking. All the clothes, shoes and "pets" are made by me.

The smallest size is about 20 cm / 7,5 inches (little babies). The bigger size is about 55 cm / 21,5 inches (most of my little girls). I create only a few number of dolls each year.

My aim is to give emotion... I am very sensitive to expressions like delicacy, timidity, surprise, tenderness...

About me : I I live in Dijon (France). I started my creative life by painting (portraits) and I met doll-art 12 years ago. Now, doll sculpture is my fabourite mean of expression.

Terms of Sale :

1. Payment : the totality of the payment is due before any sale or shipment. Payment by account transfer . Payment possible by Paypal (fees are due or 3,4% are applied on the price). Shipment fees are due and can be calculated on demand (depends of your country).For reservations, a 30% down payment is due. The down payments are not paid back by the artist.

2. Reservation : a piece can't be reserved during more than 7 days. If the payment is not received by the artist until 7 days, the piece is put on sale again. The artist is allowed to create a "waiting list" with other customers who want to purchase the piece.

3. Shipment : The shipment fee is due for the foreign customers. The custom fees are due in totallity by the purchaser. Every piece will be shipped with an insurrance of the totallity of the price.

4. Guarantee : The repairs which are caused by the purchaser (fall, bad handling, undressing, bad position, etc...) will be fixed after agreement between the saler and the purchaser on an estimate.The repairs which are not caused by the purchaser are taken care, within the realms of possibility, by the artist. This garantee is not due if the piece has suffered of excessive heat or cold, excessive sun or moon rays, or excessive humidity.

Legal information :

Professional artist :
Siret : 41138205400012
N° Maison des Artistes : B 320219
Adhérente aux Ateliers d'Art de France